Master The Non-Musical Skills That Propel Producers Ahead In The Saturated Music Business

The Wave Creator Producer Guide is a mini masterclass designed to provide you with the tools you need in order to build a strong producer brand, network effectively with other industry players, stay consistent & maintain your motivation. 


If you are serious about your craft, having these skills are necessary to set you apart in this saturated environment. 

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Elevate Your Music Career With Non-Musical Skills!

We provide strategies & tools for you to build your own personal brand, network effectively, maintain your motivation, and stay consistent.

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Why Should I Care About These Skills?

The music production scene is getting saturated.


Everyday there's another 13 year old who learns FL Studio from YouTube & starts making beats.


I'm not saying this is a negative thing, but as the market gets more crowded, it will be harder for people to become successful 


There's so much competition when it comes to getting placements, sending samples out, or even selling kits. 


 I think it is safe to say the future of music production belongs to those who stand out & set themselves apart from the average producer


That is to say, those who develop the non-musical skills associated with having a successful music production career. 


As a multi-platinum producer myself, I have been around other producers who have won Grammys & producers who have gotten number one hits.


All of them have these four things in common:

  • A strong brand
  • A consistent work ethic
  • A motivated approach to their work
  • Great networking skills

Now you might think that they may just be naturally good at these things, and that may be true for some of them, but these skills can be learned. Quickly.


So who is this for exactly?

Anyone who falls into these categories:

  • You don't understand how to build a brand & create a memorable image for yourself so that people are reaching out to you to work more than you are reaching out to them
  • You struggle to network and generally don't get responses when you reach out to people.
  • You find it hard to consistently work towards your music production goals & get distracted easily
  • You want to make music a full time thing, but you lack the drive to make it happen
  • You've been producing for years but still haven't managed to get any placements
  • You have the desire to be a successful producer but can't find the time to spend on making your dreams a reality

If any of this sounded like you, I'm here to solve all of these problems for you.


I'm Ready To Learn

The Instructor

Who Is This Person Claiming They Have The Answers?

I was producing for about 6 years before I got my first placement.

6 years of working odd jobs.  Making beats. Trying to sell beats. Failing to sell beats. Trying to get placements. Failing to get placements. Trying to grow a YouTube channel. Failing to grow a YouTube channel. 


It seemed like everything I saw successful producers doing was not working for me at all. 


It was fun to make music day in and day out, but I truly wanted it to be my life, something that I could do in place of working for someone else. 


I hated the fact that what I loved didn't seem like it loved me back, and felt very discouraged about my career in music. 



Peace, I'm Nile Waves


I am a multi-platinum, Grammy nominated producer, who has produced songs for Lil Baby, Lil Durk, Chris Brown, Pooh Shiesty, and so many more major artists.  


I've grown to over 60,000 followers and subscribers across different platforms, and I've been able to help many of those who follow me get placements and make money from music as well. 


You might be wondering what changed for me in those years leading up to me starting to finally get placements and make some money from music.


I learned three things:

1) A Strong Producer Brand Brings Opportunities

When I say "strong" I mean recognizable. 

Once I got a good tag, a memorable name, & started putting out some cool content that aligned with my brand identity, I started to see more money and opportunity from music production. 


This is so important. Think about it.

We live in a digital world where in many cases we are judged by our social media profiles.

In order to have access to the best and most opportunity, you want an online presence that others remember & respect. 


There's a reason why the producers who are the biggest all have memorable names, tags, and in some cases looks. 

2) Your Network Is 10x More Important Than How Good Your Beats Are

This isn't a secret anymore, but some producers still don't understand this fact. 

Imagine being invited to a studio, equipped with the hardest beats known to man on your hard drive.

You have just been invited to play beats for a hot new artist. 


You enter the studio and there's another producer there already. 

Him and the rapper are talking and joking, almost like they're friends. 


He ends up playing a beat before you for the artist.

The beat is pretty mediocre at best, so you're excited because you've got HEAT ready. 


The rapper raps on the mediocre beat then decides to end the session once he's done with the song. 

Yes this is a real scenario that happens.

There are 3 main things to pay attention to from this story

- Since the other producer knew the artist closely, this increased his chances of getting the placement with the artist

- I was INVITED to the studio session

- The beat that was rapped on was MEDIOCRE


In the music business WHO you know & how well you know them will almost always trump talent. 

3) Motivation & Consistency Are The Foundation Of Success

What seperated the person I was before getting placements & the person I became as I began to work with big artists, were two things.


How consistent I became & how motivated I became to crush my goals.


Showing up everyday for me was a challenge at first, but by applying certain strategies, I was able to create a system for myself that keeps me motivated to consistently work towards my goals.  


One of the hallmark signs of anyone who is successful is their work ethic.


Once I discovered the strategies I outline in this guide, I was able to stay consistent and motivate myself to action at will. 

The Big Question

What's In This For Me?

What Will I Get?

Here is exactly what you will receive in this guide:

  • An established & recognizable brand that speaks to your identity as a producer
  • A clear strategy to making music industry connections without being spammy or annoying
  • The ability to motivate yourself at will to complete your goals
  • A system for staying consistent so that you can actually capitalize on your music production skills
  • See progress in pursuit of your goal of being a successful producer while still managing your day to day life 

It's that simple.

I'm sharing everything you need to know outside of "make fire beats" that will lead to your music industry success. 

The Curriculum

How Will I Learn Everything You Said Above?

The Wave Creator Producer Guide

 "Mini Course"

In-depth, detailed instruction on how to maximize the essential non-musical skills every producer needs to be successful, with video and written elements to help you learn these skills.   

In the course section of the guide there are four modules. 


 Module 1) Build A Strong Brand

You will gain an understanding of how to build a strong producer brand. 


You will learn how to develop your "digital character" so that people remember who you are.


How to promote yourself so that you attract opportunities and placements to you, instead of always having to chase people to work with them


You will develop a strategy to differentiate yourself from all of the thousands of producers on the internet, meaning you don't have to worry about competition


 Module 2) Consistency

You will learn systems to use that will help you stay consistent in completing your music production goals


Consistency is one of those factors that seperates the good from the great. 


In this module you'll learn how to work towards your goals everyday, even when you don't feel like it.


Learn how to manage your time so that even with a full time job, family,  or school obligation, you can work efficiently on your music production goals.


Module 3) Motivation Mastery

If you aren't motivated to attack your goals, usually, they won't get done.


We often leave goals uncompleted simply because we don't feel like doing them. 


Find out how I approach motivation & replenish it when it lowers


Never look at motivation as something you can't directly affect yourself. 


Learn how to be self motivated so you can be more consistent and productive. 


Module 4) Network Efficiently

There are two main reasons you are not getting placements. 


You don't know the right people, or you know the right people and don't know how to approach them. 


The ONLY way to get placements is to know someone.


Whether that person is an artist, an engineer, a rapper, a friend of a friend.


This module will equip you with the strategies to make & keep these connections. 


You'll learn how to nurture relationships that will lead to those placements you desire.


You'll learn how to strategically make connections that will benefit your career. 

Bonus #1

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